Custom Birthday Song Samples

ORIGINAL SONG: Platinum Package
  • ORIGINAL SONG: Platinum Package


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MP3 + VIDEO! You will receive an MP3 of your original song as well as a photo collage video that has your original song playing during a professionally edited video. You may submit up to 50 photos for the video.

MP3 of original song with custom lyrics performed by vocalist(s) and full band. Professionally mastered for a radio-ready mix.

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Custom Birthday Songs

Celebrate the ones you love with a CUSTOM BIRTHDAY SONG! 


The Hillbilly Birthday song is fun and upbeat and is sure to put a smile on everyone's face!   It's the perfect gift for your spouse, parents, children, siblings, boss, coworkers, neighbors, and friends near and far!  Simply fill out the questionnaire below and we'll put original lyrics to the Hillbilly Birthday Song. See below for an example of how the Hillbilly Birthday song sounds.  All the lyrics would change to describe your honoree, but the music is the same!  

Price: $100



If you're looking for an even more customized song, we can create an amazing personalized song telling the honoree's life story.  We'll highlight major life-events, personality traits, common sayings, nicknames, and anything else you want in the song.  The song will be completely original and is a beautiful way to celebrate major milestone birthdays! 

Check out the YouTube video below to hear Mike's 90th birthday song and get a feel for what the PLATINUM experience is all about!


Prices start at $250

Milestone Birthday Song Sample

Custom Birthday Song Questionnaire

Milestone Birthday Song--deposit
  • Milestone Birthday Song--deposit


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Fully-customized, original song written about an individual. Non-refundable deposit will allow us to write the lyrics and send you a demo of the song. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the song.

Please fill out the Custom Song for Individual Questionnaire so we can begin writing your song!

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