Here's what people are saying about their custom songs!

"I am here blubbering! So precious! This song is to be treasured. Thanks so much!" -Sundee G.   

"Jennie, Thank you so very much. I really, really love my song just as you wrote it! And thank you for writing and singing it for my birthday party. This is just about the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me. I am speechless at the thought that went into its creation. You are gifted with a special talent." -Clifford S. 

"Jennie, How incredible to have captured something so precious. Thank you so much!" -Shane S.   

"This is so perfect. Thank you a million times over!" -Cole S.  

"Thank you so much for my fun, creative, witty, and completely spot-on song! I am astounded!" -Nikki B. 

"I never could have imagined that 4 songs that sound so different to me on their own could have been woven together so perfectly and beautifully, let alone express so much power, meaning, and emotion. Jennie truly has a beautiful and rare gift. I cannot fully express my gratitude and awe for the way she was able to put our family's journey to music. I have chills and tears every time I hear it because it hits every emotion so adequately, while at the same time expressing so much hope, peace, and joy. We will treasure our 'family song' forever." -Mary G.